Delivery Director

Delhi, India Full-time

Our business

Srijan is a technology services company headquartered in India (Delhi, Gurgaon, Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore) and small offices with payroll in 6 countries. We have approx 350 people on payroll, mostly in India. Srijan has been in business since 2002 and continues to maintain a healthy financial and growth outlook in the years to come.


Our differentiators

Srijan’s key differentiators are it’s sharp focus on its people. We would be inauthentic if we called ourselves a “People First” company, but it would be true if we said that we maintain a very healthy balance weighing our customers and our people together. We bend backwards to service our customers well and we do that equally to serve our people well.


Continuous Learning and Continuous Improvement are key values which we try and inculcate in our daily behaviour, to delivery of projects and to our appraisal processes. These are key ingredients for succeeding at Srijan. In such an environment, the ability to coach becomes a very important part of culture and an inherent expectation from all leadership roles.   


Job Responsibilities




  • Work with Director Technology to ensure that the architecture and delivery are rock solid


    • Conduct Technical Audits
    • Partner with Director Technology on Technical practices
    • Ability to understand and validate technology decisions by asking smart leading questions.



  • Work with other Delivery Directors to continuously improve processes


    • Ensure that the Agile Practices are being followed, innovated and mindset set for continuous improvements across the projects. 



  • Conduct & facilitate Project Retros 


    • Review project health by taking demos, project retros
    • Bring out conflicts within the team members and roles across hierarchies
    • Define learning goals and action points for improvement in the delivery of projects
    • Ensure that the frequency of the retros is maintained
    • Coach Delivery Managers to handle people/project problems
    • Review the KPI assessment of the teams with the Delivery Managers 



  • Resource Management


    • Reviewing the Staffing of the projects 
    • Brainstorm (with Delivery Directors & Resourcing Manager) people movement across projects for optimal staffing
    • Open hiring needs optimally based on the project needs.



  • Client Management


    • Escalation Management
    • Be the client connect to ensure that the project runs smoothly


  • Coaching
    • Facilitate Agile Coaching in projects/for DMs and other roles
    • Define Career/Individual Growth plans for the DMs
    • Conduct/Facilitate Trainings and Workshops
    • Be people partner in helping them grow in the org
    • Ensuring that the teams are moving on their L&D goals set via KPIs/reviews.
    • Review product backlog for quality of stories, roadmap/visibility
    • Imbibe MVP thinking and coach team on product thinking of What, Why and Business outcomes
    • Bring lean/optimisation thinking into execution 
    • Review/Validate team execution strategies like:
      • Production cut-over planning
      • ROI of Test Automation
      • Engineering Practices efficacy
      • Release and Sprint Plans
      • Testing Strategy



  • Account Management


    • Review the financial health of the accounts
    • Anchor SOW reviews/closures
    • Ensure that the projections are visible in the financial data



  • Review pre-sales proposals / SOWs
  • Anchor some Presales deals from a staffing and delivery outcomes perspective
  • Refining Sales-Delivery Process/Templates/Decks



  • Participate in appraisals process twice a year
  • Hold Salary conversations and subsequent challenges arising out of mis-match expectations
  • Hold KPI meetings with DM’s and if need be on other roles also to drive fairness, evaluation accuracy etc.


Org wide contribution

  • CoE
  • Participate in Leadership Hiring
  • Be the culture-keeper at Srijan 
  • People Partner
  • Office Management


  • Drive Accountability within the team
  • Active listener and able to identify the root cause of problems - excellent problem solving skills
  • Drive meetings efficiently with clear outcomes
  • Authentic, open to feedback and coachable 
  • Share feedback constructively and help people grow 
  • Ready to get hands dirty to solve problems
  • Strong white-boarding skills, able to collaborate with different stakeholders and drive agreements/alignments