Tech Lead/Developer (FullStack) 5 Years of Experience Delhi

India Full-time


We are looking for people at Developer/ Technical Lead level to work on the following set of projects:

  • Chatbots with Alexa/ Amazon Lex: Work on Intelligent Chatbots (with help of AWS Machine learning) for Fortune 500 enterprise organizations.  
  •  Augmented Reality POCs using Google Glass  We are working on Glasses and Hololens to create next generation solutions for enterprises.
  • AWS Machine Learning  Work on diverse Machine Learning problems ranging from Image classification to Natural Language Processing, at Enterprise scale.
  • Data Modelling (using IOT data) and Visualisations in D3.js, Tableau Opportunity to build real-time dashboards using time-series data from connected IOT devices.
  • WSO2 API design Open source API management platform for the new strong API economy.

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