Machine Learning

Delhi, India

In this role, the candidate will be responsible for building, testing, delivering cutting edge technology applications including scalable web interfaces (node react or angular js) and web-based chatbot (virtual assistant) solutions Candidates are expected to play a consultative role with a comprehensive understanding of Intelligent Virtual Assistants.  

  • Lead developed and worked in developing chatbot/ Virtual Assistant for a large enterprise successfully.
  • Played an active part in developing Google/ Amazon/ Microsoft/ Apple Virtual Assistant.
  • Experienced in ingesting large sets of unstructured text data including chat logs & voice logs and modeling it in Graph DB using semantic annotation.
  • Experience in Machine learning, data and text mining and predictive analysis.
  • Able to understand business requirement and able to deliver quick prototypes, strong communication skills
  • Experienced in modeling and coding NLP algorithms for the conversational bot in production.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases like Cassandra
  • Experience in distributed caching frameworks like hazelcast, ignite, Redis

Candidate must possess a passion for producing high-quality software, ready to jump in and solve complex problems, be able to mentor junior engineers and perform code reviews.

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