Delivery Manager

Gurugram, Delhi Full-time

Essential Duties

➔ Be an escalation point for every SM and PO and Client on project related issues and
provide resolution or resolve the same in timely manner
➔ Manage engagement/relationship with the client and work towards the
inputs/feedback from the CSAT review
➔ Keep track of the Release plan, milestones as per SOW and work closely with PO/SM
for aprising client in case of any changes and work towards negotiation/SOW

People Management
➔ Solves training needs of Projects and team members
➔ Set-up goals/Roles & Responsibilities for the group/team members
➔ Work closely with SM for defining the career path, performance improvement plan(PIP)
for group/team-members
➔ Takes all Hiring decisions
➔ Do resource Management- allocation, projections and take all Staffing decisions in
consultation with PO and SM
➔ Work with Agile Coach to find and execute training needs and places for improvement

➔ Skip level meetings with people to see their motivation, any personal issues, inter-
team conflict etc.

➔ Evaluate the engagement level of the group/team-members and take respective
➔ Experimenting with innovation projects, pet projects, product ideas
➔ Drives cultural change working along with Agile Coach

➔ Agile Coach recommendations are getting implemented in the projects. Works closely
with Agile Coach to address this
➔ Improving hiring and staffing process, future planning for the group growth
➔ Work with the Architects/Chief Architect in supporting him to adopt the recommended
engineering practices
➔ Get Project/Delivery Audits done for Projects at regular intervals and take respective


360 Degree review
➔ Represent 360 review for Project at regular cadence and provide project updates in
PM forums
➔ Get involved in team 360 review(quarterly/project end) and work towards the
feedback of team members and facilitate appraisal decisions for group/team-members
Organizational contributions
➔ Participate and represent group in Strategy meet with required details
➔ Encourage team-members/group to participate in Organisation contributions/forums
➔ Be a channel for Srijan to showcase by attending, delivering, networking at meetups,
presentations, sessions, workshops etc.
➔ Be an evangelist and help HR in hiring/onboarding

Required Skills/Experience
➔ Overall Experience of 10+ years in the Industry
➔ Good experience in Agile methodology
➔ Organizational skills
➔ Analytical skills
➔ Well-developed interpersonal skills
➔ Commercial awareness
➔ Effective Communication
➔ Team working skills
➔ Ability to motivate people
➔ Management and leadership skills

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