JS Developer

Goa Full-time

About Srijan
Srijan Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a 15+ years old enterprise web content management consulting
and development company with expertise in building high-traffic websites and complex web
applications. Over this period we have served over 200 clients across Asia,Europe, United
States and Middle East. We are the only Acquia Enterprise partner in India,
and one of the largest code contributor to Drupal. We are also aspiring to be the largest
contributors to Ruby on Rails and JavaScript(NodeJS, AngularJS/ReactJS).
Job Description
● This is a role for a real techie who loves working on and playing with new, cutting edge
technologies whilst ultimately, having a broad knowledge of languages and practices,
but more importantly, a solid grounding in the principals they're built upon.
● We are looking for passionate front end developers who adapt and excel in several
technologies and are excited by what modern JavaScript can do. We look for those who
have tried their hands in multiple frameworks; at least couple of these -- Backbone,
Angular,Ember, Meteor, ExtJS, ReactJS, etc. and have an opinion on what suits what
use case better.


Technical Skills
1. You must have good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This includes CSS
preprocessors like Less, Sass, SCSS, Stylus CSS, etc.
● Very strong Angular.js
● Node.js (MEAN Stack)
2. You must have good knowledge of Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern
3. You must have good understanding of Document Object Model (DOM)
4. You must have an excellent understanding of JavaScript functions, events and error handling
5. You must understand the concept of a single page application (SPA) and should be able to
articulate its pros and cons
6. You must have experience in AJAX, JQuery and Underscore.
7. You should be knowledgeable about OOP concepts
8. You should be able to generalize/abstract out the functionality wherever possible in order to
improve code maintainability. You should be able to document their code succinctly.
9. You should be able to provide accurate level of effort time estimates. This should be done
based on your understanding of the business and technical requirements.
10.You must be familiar with using any build tool like Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Yeoman, etc. and
have experience using version control tools like SVN/Git, etc.
11.You should have knowledge of UI Frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.

12. He must have working knowledge of Web servers (Apache, Nginx, etc) to be able to install,
configure and solve basic problems related to these.
13. A strong interest and passion for software product development and high quality code is
essential for this role.


Other Skills
1. It is desired for the ideal candidate to have had experience working in any one of agile
environment(s) like Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Scrum etc.
2. Excellent verbal/written communication skills. You must have the ability to articulate thoughts
verbally and in writing and should be able to explain concepts to non technical people as and
when required.
3. You should be able to analyze and breakdown a problem logically, involve the team in
generating potential solutions and think through pros and cons of different solutions.


Requirements, Skills, Qualifications
1. Must have 3+ years of significant programming experience out of which majority needs to be
in front end technologies as mentioned above
2. Should have good understanding of Linux and web technologies

Apply for this opening at http://srijantech.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0fm4k?apply=true