Technical Architect

Detroit, Delhi Full-time

Job Responsibilities:
● Think of solutions instead of system implementations.
● Troubleshooting performance problems and fine-tuning applications and environments.
● Taking leadership of technical presales and complex project sales.
● Identifying technical risks
● Ensuring that delivered solutions meet technical and functional requirements
● Providing support and technical guidance to multiple clients, simultaneously providing the
expertise required to review, advise and assist in the selection of appropriate functionalities
● Expertise in providing Solutions and Technical architecture for sites to be built on Drupal
● Should have strong experience in LAMP (PHP) stack, scalability, open source, development
● Should be well-versed with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Web Services and Web Application security
● Should be an expert in developing elegant solutions using Drupal API and coding for high
performance Drupal/LAMP architectures
● Should be able to guide teams through the solution, design, architecture, development and
● Ability to lead multiple teams
● Work with business users to gather requirements, write functional and technical specifications.
● Estimate and plan iterative / agile releases.
● Anticipate issues and risks at the module level and escalate appropriately.
● Facilitate workshops and client meetings.
● High level of debugging skills (Backend, Front end).
● High level of VCS (git) skills.
● Debugging during development.
● Performance Analysis [Understanding and help to identify the bottleneck]
● Administration of servers
● Hands on knowledge Virtualization, Docker, Vagrant.
● Concept of container.
● Strong design skills, knowledge of design patterns and their appropriate usage in a scenario. This
need strong object-oriented skills.
● Knowledge of databases (Relational, NoSQL). When to use database. Ability to check database
logs and ability to diagnose database logs.
● Knowledge of filesystems (Applies to all).
● Exposure to Continuous Integration(CI) and ability to build CI infra.
● Should have working experience with Profiling tools for php and mysql.
● Should have a strong experience in Panels, Views, Features and Rules,core API, CCK/Fields,
Paragraph along with other contributed modules

Required Technical Skills:
● Proficiency in PHP, MySQL,POSTGRES, JS (Frameworks like - react, angular or vue),
● Experienced in the optimization and fine tuning of Decoupled applications.
● Expertise in architecting the application by defining the matrix.
● Knowledge in AWS components like S3, SSE, EC2 and Cloudfront.

● Knowledge in architecting Hybrids App development & deployment.
● Experience with the implementation of Varnish, Solr, Elasticsearch, Commerce, Ubercart, and
CRM integration.
● Skilled in all aspects of web development with extensive PHP, Drupal 6, and 7 experience
● Experience in leadership and presentation skills preferred Demonstrates ability to use common
Drupal modules such as CTools, Views, and Panels, extending them through code

● Minium of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems or its equivalent in the U.S.



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